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Automatic Boom Barrier

Model No. - EV ABB


Model No. - EV ABACL


Model No. - EV ABAC


Model No. - EV BB


Model No. -

Model No. -


DRIVE MECHANISM Electro- mechanical drive unit is operated by micro processor


Control panel. The drive unit consists of gears, shaft, crank, safety clutch and ball bearings etc. Which are encapsulated in weather-proof, oil filled chamber for maintenance free and long lasting performance? The operation of the Drive Unit is silent and maintenance free.

ELECRICAL MOTOR ΒΌ HP reversible motor 24V DC, 900rpm, 40watt, maintenance free, reversible motor is designed for heavy duty operation. Dual speed and electronic braking provide optimum time for opening and closing with soft landing. Opening and closing time (2-10 sec.) can be adjusted at the site during installation depending on traffic frequency and boom length.

CONTROL PANEL The electronic control panel controls the direction and speed of the boom movement it is capable of accepting optional safety devices such as beam sensor, magnetic card reader, loop detector etc. The control panel can be fixed in guardroom or inside the barrier box.

PUSH BUTTON A piano type push button is provided inside the guardroom. The barrier is activated by touching the push button for a second. Thus keeping the guard free to pay more attention to security checks.

REMOTE CONTROL the barrier can also be activated by remote control from a distance up to 100 ft. depending upon local environmental conditions. Remote Control is an inbuilt part of the barrier and is not charged extra.

OPTICAL SENSORS Optical sensor (Photo beam sensor) if installed will forbid boom to come down as long as a car or a person is underneath the boom thus, extra safety is added to vehicle and boom itself (Optional).

BATTERY BACK-UP In case of power failure, battery backup operation is available

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